Meet Pilou

I am an island girl. Just like my mother I was born on Curacao (an island in the Caribbean). My parents lived here for 10 years and after we moved to Italy. After a few years of living in the snow we moved to The Netherlands.. We always have been little travel addicts.

After completing my first Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Florence, I felt a strong pull towards Bali. I started to practice daily and developed my own little slice of heaven. I felt that I wanted to share this. Preferably on an island of course.

Soon after I decided I wanted to live in Bali and I completed another training there, my 300hour Chakra Vinyasa. I made the move, without hesitation, knowing everything would fall in its place. And so it did.

The ball started rolling. Ever since I have been teaching in Bingin and Uluwatu on the most beautiful locations. The little witch in me feels at home in Bali. I can drive around on my bike, interact with pure people, dance on the beach or jungle, sing, dance, mainly just feel sooooo freeeeee

My big heart just wants to share the love.

Come with me on a retreat to feel the magic of Bali & you.

What I love about the practice of yoga is how it is integrated into every aspect of my life.
It allows me to be present. It shows me where my triggers are and where my self-doubt lies.
I feel it is an integral part of my retreats as trough yoga, you open your heart and let love flow.
It releases energy blocks and creates space for the new to unfold.
Without our daily yoga practice each morning I think we would find it harder to get into the deeper work throughout the day. It prepares us emotionally as well as being a physical practice, and for this I am grateful for having yoga in my life and to be able to share it with you