☾Do I need a visa?2019-06-05T09:14:36+02:00

Yes, a visa is required for Indonesia.

On arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you will be asked to pay $35 cash

There are ATM’s at the airport

Your passport will be stamped for a 30 day stay so if you are planning to stay longer after the retreat has finished just make sure you keep this in mind.


Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months. If it isn’t, renew.

It has happened that Indonesia has not let people into the country.

☾Do I need travel insurance?2019-06-05T09:14:05+02:00

We recommend that everyone traveling abroad will get a proper travel insurance, cancellation + medical insurance.

☾ Can I come a few days earlier and also stay longer?2019-06-05T09:15:22+02:00

Coming earlier and/or extending is a great way to make your retreat experience last longer.  Just keep in mind you are in charge of booking extra nights at the hotel or at another accommodation. In Bali there are so many amazing options to stay, for any budget.

☾What do I need to bring?2019-06-05T09:15:59+02:00

Bali travel list:




Flip Flops

Comfy beach clothes

One long sleeve for in the night (+airplane)

Water bottle

Journal + favorite pen

Worldwide adapter

Bug spray

☾How much free time do I have?2019-06-05T09:16:48+02:00

Every day you will have a few hours of free time. Some days a bit more than others. This is to be with yourself, go for a swim, walk, write in your journal, anything that feels right for you at that moment.

☾What if I’m a solo traveler?2019-06-05T09:17:22+02:00

That’s awesome!

You have the option to share a room or get your own private room.

You can let us know when booking

☾What type of yoga will there be on the retreat?2019-06-05T09:18:04+02:00

We will start every morning with a gentle morning flow, some mornings will be a bit fiercer than others. But remember, you go in your own pace

Daily meditation sessions & Pranayama (breathing) exercises

There will also be Yoga Nidra which is a meditation practice that focuses on cultivating multiple levels of well-being.  It’s a beautiful way to flow through the layers (koshas) in your body and release old ways of thinking.

This week is much more than just ASANAS (the physical movements of yoga).

It’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone, discovering and letting go of old ways of thinking, gaining balance in life, and enjoying many aspects of the retreat – from the culture, food, day trips, island life, and new friends!

☾What if I’m a beginner in yoga, is this retreat still for me?2019-06-05T09:18:37+02:00

The Retreats are for all levels, from beginners to teachers.

Its a beautiful way to connect to yourself and find out what it is you like and which practices your body & mind best

All the classes are well guided and you don’t have to take every class if you don’t feel like it

Remember, its time for you!

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